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Focus. Concentration. Peace. Awareness. Patience. Wellness. Clarity. Joy. Strength. Resiliency.  ...and more.
  • Practicing meditation and/or mindfulness can create more peace, awareness, joy, wellness, resiliency, and lead to an overall increase in your level of psychological wellbeing.  It helps create greater self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and cognitive performance; it decreases anxiety and stress, including psychological stress; it is also a wonderful self-regulation tool.  It can provide all this, and for those who seek more, it can also bring you into a deeper sense of connectedness with your life, the universe, or your spirituality - no matter what you believe in. After 25 years of my own daily dedicated practice and exploration, I am dedicated to sharing these tools to help you or your family be happier, more balanced, more fulfilled, more peaceful, and be more present in your lives.  I will work with you to customize instruction to meet your personal needs and goals.


  • Dedicated to helping adults, students, and groups more deeply understand the power of their minds, and how we each have the ability to develop a mental environment that allows us to experience greater happiness, clarity, and peace every day.  


  • Instruction is provided on a variety of skills such as: 

    • Mindfulness, meditation, mindset, Now-awareness/resiliency thinking, breath, body awareness, thought awareness, thought transformation, music, guided visualizations, power statements, nature-awareness, and much more.  



Group Meditation & Mindfulness


Group instruction is available for adults and students.  All instruction is highly interactive and skills-based.  If needed,  courses can also be taught over the internet to accommodate remote locations.  Following is a sampling of meditation styles and skill that are available to be learned.  Other options not listed are also available.


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Meditation Styles that bring peace

  • Breath-focus

  • Body-focus

  • Power-Balance-Clarity

  • Music

  • Open-heart

  • Mindfulness "now" meditation

  • Mantra / Intension Statements

  • Mala / Rosary

  • Open-eye / Yantra

  • Movement

  • Guided visualization

  • Forgiveness

  • Healing

  • Nature

  • Spiritual



  • Be Here NOW - Learn to be Present here now

  • We Are What We Think - understanding the power of your mind

  • Mindful Eating

  • Mindful Movement

  • Mindful Listening

  • Mindful Art 

  • Intention - Power Statements

  • What do you believe - Transform how you experience your life/world

  • Quick Fix Relaxation Techniques - 30 sec, 1-min, 5-min, 10-min

  • Gratitude: A Key to Greater Joy

  • Athletic Flow - Learn to be in the zone for athletes

  • Sweet Sleep - Tools for increasing sleep quality

  • Clean Your Room and Clean Your Mind

  • Rocks Rock - Find peace through reconnecting with nature

  • What's in Your Head - understand your thoughts

  • Transforming Thought

  • Taking Back Power - transforming negative experiences

  • Finding Your Zone - discovering what you love

  • 20 Minute Vacations - guided visualizations  

  • ...and many more depending on your needs



Group Instruction:  Meditation & Mindfulness Wellness Workshops 


Short-n-Sweet (20 mins - 2 hours)


Offer your staff a lunchtime or shorter program to help give them the tools to manage stress and be more present all day long.  These fun interactive classes provide practical real tools that they can begin using immediately.  They will return to work more focused, energized and positive.



Half or Full Day (3 - 7 hours)


The half or full-day course(s) provides your staff with a wide range of skills that are sure to meet everyone's needs and personal styles.  Activities allow your staff to enjoy both indoor and outdoor activities, as well as stress-reducing ways to spend their lunchtimes that increases their productivity and overall well-being.  The skills learned will address any productivity issues at work, as well as inter-office communication and effectiveness. 



Multi-Week Series (3 weeks, 6 weeks, 9 weeks, or more)


Do you want to provide detailed and full training to your staff, but do not have the time for them to take a full day?  No problem, we offer shorter training sessions either in-person or over the internet via live web-training so that your employees can attend classes when it is most convenient for you. A truly wonderful option that provides groups with a greater comprehension of techniques and skills.




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