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Dr. Jennifer Simon has inspired many many thousands of people, including thousands of students, parents, teachers, senior executives, over 3,000 U.S. Military and service personnel including the Navy SEALS, police, public defenders, and New York City Firemen.


Below is a small sample of the feedback that she regularly receives.

Head Coach, Boys Cross Country 

All the 50+ boys and I benefitted so much by doing this. I saw such significant growth in the team because of this. I was able to get the boys to reach new goals because they learned such a great method not just for sports, but also for life. 

I hope we can do this again soon and can’t wait to see how the boys grow from this. 

Thank you!!



Head Coach, Girls Varsity Field Hockey

Teaching these skills helped my players on and off the field.  They were able to play with poise and when things got rough. As a coach I was able to use the tools we learned to talk them through their problems by taking a moment out for them.

I was able to see a big difference in my team they were able to come together as one through these classes.  It can't always be about practice on the field.  Learning and seeing them interact with each other in a classroom setting was a positive experience for me.

Our team grew together and were able to have a stronger bond with each other by the end of the sessions.  We took what we learned to the end and they never gave up and stayed composed throughout the season.  We went further than last year and personally I think it could have been from the help of this course.

Head Coach & Teacher, Football

I learned that I can coach and teach at my best when I am fully present mentally, but

that this requires effort and practice. The more I practice these skills, the easier it will

become to do this refocusing automatically/reflexively.


I also realized that even my most immature and distractible players were able to benefit (to differing extents, obviously) from the time spent learning and practicing these techniques and skills, but much of the challenge rests in getting them to buy into the idea that this kind of mental practice is just as important as physical drills and game preparation.  Many of the players seemed to be more resilient in difficult moments and were more aware of when they were drifting off into other thoughts. Their willingness and ability to bring themselves back varied widely from player to player, but on the whole they finished up a better team than they started.  It took quite a lot of time and effort (you’re a saint Jennifer!) to get the players to buy into the mind training, I think mainly because they seemed to be an especially immature and insecure group of boys who tended to use humor and a feigned indifference to deflect whenever they felt outside their comfort zones. With lots of patience and repetition, however, they did begin to come around and several did share with me that they felt the training helped them perform and operate at a higher level.


I did use the skills and techniques during games to return my players’ minds to the task at hand and the things that were happening in the moment. We played a few very close, nerve-wracking games this year, and the technique and prompting helped my players (and me) hone-in on how to best help our team perform at our best and react the right way in pivotal moments, be they changes in-game momentum or injuries, foolish mistakes, penalties, or other potentially distracting setbacks.

Special Education Teacher

The information you shared and the strategies were great! It was great to have this opportunity!  Thank you again, so much! 


We continued to hear wonderful things from staff even days later.  People said it was the thing that lifted their spirits as they started their day. Your framing was well done.  They’re really looking forward to next week. 

Head Coach, Girls Cross Country

I thought the training this year with the girl’s cross-country team went very well. An issue I see each year with the girls is how they approach races. There is a high-level of stress, nervousness, and more heading into each meet, which I have always felt effected their performance and attitude toward races. Mindfulness training helped the girls manage this which resulted in a more positive race day experience as well as faster times. Power statements were a huge help overall throughout the season and especially on race day. 


Personally, I learned a lot from this experience as well and have learned techniques that I use each day. The transition from work to coaching is not always the easiest. Each day, right before I head to practice, I will take a few minutes in my car clearing my mind. I feel this helps get me focused and ready for practice.


Overall, I saw a dramatic change in the way our team approached the season. The girls were more positive and confident than ever before. We will continue to use these techniques for years to come!



Student, age 15, grade 10         

I think this has helped me get through the season a lot. when we hype each other up before games I think that always puts us in a very good mindset so we get excited for the game that we are about to play. I have learned that my mind can sometimes be all over the place but if I just take time and breathe I will be able to control myself. I have taken deep breathes before games to help me get in the game mindset and not stress out.



Student, age 15, grade 10           

Mind Training was a very good experience because helped me with sports as well as school. I learned how to breathe and take a minute to calm my mind. I also learned how to bring my self back when I’m distracted. I applied these tools I learned in mindfulness before I had games to calm my nerves.



Student, age 13, grade 9            

My experiences with this have been good and it has affected me positively in my playing and cleared my mind. I have learned that I think about a lot of things that I don’t necessarily need to think about in that exact moment and I should clear my mind more often than I do. I have also learned how to get my mind back in the “zone”. That means that if I feel myself getting distracted in the game that I am playing in or just in school I have to bring my mind back to what I am doing and focus on the present and not on the past or future. An example is in Field Hockey during the game if I am thinking about something else that doesn’t relate to the game I am playing I have to realize that it doesn't matter that much and it definitely shouldn’t be distracting me from playing. I really enjoyed mindfulness this year and I am looking forward to it in my other sport and next season.



Student, age 16, grade 11

Mind Training has showed me that I can control the state of mind I am experiencing and can control my level of focus in any given situation.  It has also change the way I look at things it has made me change the way a look at the things I can’t exactly control and I don’t let it get my upset. The most important part of mindfulness to me would be in school. I get very nervous when it comes the test-taking and overlook the task at hand and rush overall ending with a failing grade because I’m more worried about the time I have left instead of the test itself. Mindfulness has shown me that I will do better if I’m in the moment.



Student, age 16, grade 11

They have made playing easier because if I’m frustrated, I know I have control over where my mind goes and I can bring it back. I have learned that I am in control of it and that if I tell myself something (like a power statement) that my mind will believe it. There was a really difficult physics test I had and I was panicking bc I knew how I wasn’t going to do well, while I was taking it I told myself that I can do it and I refocused. If I hadn’t done that, I might’ve not been able to finish it because I was so nervous. But my new skills from mindfulness have taught me that I control my mind and I knew I could bring myself back.



Student, age 16, grade 11

Going in I didn’t really think that it would have any effect on me. I can’t say that my mindset has completely changed but there are small moments where maybe it has helped me. I get angry very easily. it runs in my family. there are times where I feel like I’m gonna blackout from rage. I’ve punched a wall multiple times but you can’t really tell just from talking to me. I’ve learned to channel my anger towards other things like music or nature and I’ve been releasing this tension better than I used to.


.... and there are a thousand more like this.

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