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Focus. Concentration. Peace. Awareness. Patience. Wellness. Clarity. Joy. Strength. Resiliency.  ...and more.
  • 20+ years of helping adults, students, and families more deeply understand the power of their minds, and how we each have the ability to develop a mental environment that allows us to experience greater happiness, clarity, and peace every day.  


  • Specializing in: 

    • Student athletic and scholastic focus, performance, and stress-management

    • Corporate programs for increased resiliency, performance, stress-management, change-management, and much more

    • Adult wellness, clarity, inner-development,  personal-balance, enjoying your life now, and much more


  • Group and private instruction.  All sessions are interactive and skills-based.  If needed, courses can also be taught over the internet or via phone to accommodate remote locations.  Following is a sampling of meditation styles and skills that are available to be learned.  Other options not listed are also available.


  • Offices in Norwalk and Fairfield County.


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Meditation Skills & Techniques (Many more are available)

  • Breath-focus

  • Body-focus

  • Power-Balance-Clarity

  • Music

  • Open-heart

  • Now-Present Awareness

  • Mantra

  • Intention Statements

  • Mala / Rosary



Mindfulness Skills & Techniques (Many more available)

  • Be Here NOW -- Learn to be Present here now

  • We Are What We Think -- Understanding the power of your mind

  • Mindful Movement -- Athletic performance enhancement

  • Mindful Listening

  • Mindful Art 

  • Intention -- Power Statements

  • Mindful Eating

  • What do you believe -- Transform how you experience your life/world

  • Quick Fix Relaxation Techniques -- 30 sec, 1-min, 5-min, 10-min

  • Gratitude -- A Key to Greater Joy

  • Athletic Flow -- Learn to be in the zone for athletes

  • Sweet Sleep -- Tools for increasing sleep quality

  • Clean Your Room and Clean Your Mind

  • Rocks Rock -- Find peace through reconnecting with nature

  • Lessons in Nature - Learning from the messages in nature

  • What's in Your Head -- Understand your thoughts

  • Transforming Thought

  • Taking Back Power -- Transforming negative experiences

  • Finding Your Zone -- Discovering what you love

  • 20 Minute Vacations -- Guided visualizations  

  • ...and many more depending on your needs



  • Practicing meditation and mindfulness can create more peace, awareness, joy, wellness, resiliency, and lead to an overall increase in your level of psychological wellbeing.  It helps create greater self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and cognitive performance; it decreases anxiety and stress, including psychological stress; it is also a wonderful self-regulation tool.  It can provide all this, and for those who seek more, it can also bring you into a deeper sense of connectedness with your life, the universe, or your spirituality - no matter what you believe in. After 25 years of my own daily dedicated practice and exploration, I am dedicated to sharing these tools to help you or your family be happier, more balanced, more fulfilled, more peaceful, and be more present in your lives.  I will work with you to customize instruction to meet your personal needs and goals.

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  • Open-eye / Yantra

  • Movement

  • Guided visualization

  • Forgiveness

  • Healing

  • Nature awareness

  • Spiritual-based custom instruction

  • ...and many more depending on your needs



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