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Rockin' Meditation for Education


Since 2011 Rockin' Meditation for Education Program has been providing powerful and transformational mindfulness, stress reduction, and awareness resiliency trainings to the Education field.  We have currently trained teachers, K-12, administrators, counselors, nurses, and more.  


More than ever, our school systems need help to better cope with all of the challenges, demands, and increasingly complex systems and environments.  The tools and techniques taught in the Rockin' Meditation for Education programs help stop burnout, decrease the toxic effects of stress, as well as help attendees cope with constantly changing and challenging environments.  These skills are beneficial for anyone from any background and teaches how to better handle and recover from stress, focus under pressure, enjoy the moments of your life no matter how complicated it gets,  and how to bring your best to each moment of your life.  The skills taught here are not a "quick fix," but when practiced regularly, truly can transform people's lives by helping them find new levels of mental clarity, focus, balance, and calm.


For School: students, teachers, administrators, staff, counselors, therapists and more




Stamford Personal & Professional Development Group

For around 15 years, we have been providing classes to the public in and around Fairfield County and New York City.  Some classes are open to everyone, and some classes are open to more advanced participants.  Classes are mainly indoors, but also include outdoor guided hikes, excursions, and retreats.

For General Public: anyone, from any background, beginners to seasoned practitioners

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